Host Unusual

host unusual

If - like us - you love nothing more than exploring the hidden depths of our beautiful planet, you might be a little tired of search engines throwing up the typical hotel websites. When you seek adventure and inspiration from previously undiscovered territories, you want somewhere equally unique and charming to lay your head! 

Host Unusual is an extraordinary treasure trove of the quirkiest, coolest, cosiest properties the world has to offer. Think Google meets Grand Designs, and you’ll be off to a great start! Whether you’re looking for a treehouse in Thailand, or a cottage in the Cotswolds; if awe-inspiring is what you’re looking for, Host Unusual has it in abundance. 

Based just down the coast in Leigh-on-Sea, Host Unusual was created by travel lovers Alex Wilson and Dawn Crawford. Their passion for the unconventional led them down a wondrous trail of holiday homes that will take your breath away; from traditional log cabins and authentic yurts, to converted aeroplanes, windmills and even cranes (yes, really!). What’s even better, is that there are a vast amount of these gorgeous properties in and around our stunning county. 

Take a look at Host Unusual to find your next home away from home, and join the road to discovery today!