What's Happening in Holywells


People sometimes say “I’ve never been into Holywells Park” and, because I use it every day, I look with utter surprise that they have missed what I consider to be the most beautiful Park in our town – or indeed in the whole of the UK! Although a lot of money has been pumped into the Park, it still retains that beautiful, peaceful, restful place we users all love.

However, it is a busy park and has a very active Friends Group. I am the Secretary and have been for a long time. I first joined the Group back in 2000 and we have gone from strength to strength: all of us have a deep love of the Park and have become long lasting friends.

This year we started with a Wassail event. Very low key, but was held on January 6th (the Twelfth Night) and took place in the Orchard, which was given to the Friends many years ago by the Council. We held hands and walked round the apple trees, singing and giving thanks to the health of the trees in the hope that they will provide a bountiful harvest this autumn.

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The Friends have a full schedule for this year, starting with our Spring Event on 23rd March, which will be a great event: with nature trails, an egg roll and other interesting activities – all a little secret at the moment!

Come along and see what we have to offer and what fun it can be. The Welcome Spring Event is from midday to 3 p.m.

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Whilst the Friends Group are busy with events, so is the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. By the time you read this article, they will have run weekly Wild Tots sessions in the Park; allowing young children to explore. They also run practical conservation activities for young people aged 11 to 16, including surveying skills and citizen science projects.

So back to how these events are run: The Friends Group makes a very minimal charge for refreshments and sometimes only ask for donations. Everyone gives up their own time to prepare for these events, and behind the scenes it really does take a lot of organisation. At the same time, Ipswich Borough Council run events and the Friends will help with these days by providing refreshments – this includes the Holi event which is in April and always very popular.

Do look at our website to see what we are offering in the park and do try and come along. www.holywellspark.org.uk