On the 13th Day of Christmas My True Love Said to Me...

…There’s something wrong, we can’t go on, a divorce there will have to be”

Perhaps not the Christmas message that you would want to hear but there is a tendency to wait until after Christmas before giving this difficult message to your partner. For both the giver of this message and the recipient the likely result is months of emotional turmoil and uncertainty but the reality is that life will go on. 

Having helped a multitude of people through these troubled times there are 10 really important actions you can take that can have a positive impact:

  1. Ensure you have a supportive group of friends and family around you.

  2. Try to keep a line of communication open with your partner.

  3. Don’t be shy about talking about your health with your GP.

  4. Try to keep your children away from the dysfunction between you both.

  5. Try not to do anything which might damage their relationship with the other parent.

  6. Talk with your partner about the possibility of reconciliation.

  7. Consider mediation to discuss the practical and financial aspects of ending the relationship.

  8. Get legal advice about a financial settlement but be realistic about the change of lifestyle you may have to make.

  9. Make a list of all your assets, debts, pensions and your sources of income and match each with a paper trail that confirms the value you have given them.

  10. Take things one step at a time when making decisions. 

It is important that you choose legal advisors who offer a number of costs options - some involving a fixed cost or discounted fees for payment up front. Here at Ashtons we offer a free initial consultation.

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Stephen is head of the Family team at Ashtons and a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Advanced Family Law and Children Panel Accreditation Scheme.