Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture Launches Transformative Retreats

written by Danielle Stewart



Taking a slow approach along the winding driveway, towards the grandiose building ahead, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you are entering a scene from Harry Potter. The majestic windows and intricate brickwork can only be described as ‘magical’; and with snowflakes gently falling on a chilly January morning, the scene is set for a day of complete bliss.

My first introduction to Butley Priory came when I was contacted by Melissa Day, owner of Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture. Melissa explained that she had created a unique offering for women in the Suffolk area; a 3-night ‘transformative retreat’, combining a selection of holistic and very spiritual treatments for 5-7 women, focusing on ‘enabling personal empowerment and balanced wellbeing’, as well as providing a beautiful, grounding experience in which they are able to deeply bond. Melissa was now preparing to create a location shoot at Butley Priory to promote the retreats, and asked if I would take part.

Having little experience in holistic therapies, or indeed promotional modelling, I was intrigued by Melissa’s proposal and found myself inquisitively making the journey through the stunning landscapes of the Suffolk Heritage Coast, towards Rendlesham Forest and emerging into the grounds of a venue previously hailed by Vogue as ‘one of the world’s most stunning wedding venues on Airbnb’ - a remarkable title from possibly the most respected fashion bible.

Arriving at the venue, I met Sabrina de Carvalho; a bespoke bridal wear designer from Kesgrave, and a fellow model for today’s shoot. Like me, Sabrina had little modelling experience, so after being shown to our dressing room (the beautiful - and aptly named - Yellow Bedroom) we quickly bonded as we changed into our first outfits, before promptly being eased into a casual storyboard of empowering images, captured by expert photographer Sophie Skipper.

We joined the other ladies - Flo, Eloise and Belle - to continue the themed shoot in various parts of the building; taking full advantage of the beauty of the 14c monastery and its grounds. Each part of the proceedings formulated an overall picture of what a typical retreat would entail: full details of which can be found on the Niroshini website. A table adorned in beautifully-arranged floristry and modestly elegant tableware provided a home for the ‘Ayurvedic, balancing meals’ awaiting attendees of the retreat, whilst the cosy reading room lent itself as the perfect space to unwind and do some reading, whilst eating a delicately handcrafted cupcake. Cosmetic acupuncture (non-surgical facelift), facial acupuncture (purely for health benefits), Qi Gong and live Indian music also feature during this carefully put-together programme of events over a three-night stay at the stunning venue.

Basking in sage smoke and gathering around a scattering of vibrant flowers and greenery - a ‘tree ceremony’, designed to align guests with Mother Earth - polished off the abundance of deeply spiritual activities one would encounter during a Niroshini retreat. Despite only ‘playing the part’ for the purposes of the promotional material, I left Butley Priory feeling relaxed and re-energised; having genuinely bonded with some engaging and down-to-earth women whom I remain in touch with now. A must-do for any group of women looking to invest in themselves with something completely unique, nourishing and transformative.

Images by Sophie Skipper @sophieskipperphotography
Floral arrangements by Figa & Co
Niroshini Transformative Retreats
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