Waterfront MP | Summer Recess Begins

A couple of weeks ago the Parliamentary session ended and MPs returned to their constituencies.  I am back in action in Ipswich full time, meeting the Rivers Action Group and talking with members of the Cliff Lane community.  I took the “lead” and did a “blindfold” walk to find out how difficult life is made for those with visual impairments.  I have been meeting with people and local businesses. I also spent a day shadowing the police, which I will write more about another time.  I am looking forward to dealing with more Ipswich issues which, with the best will in the world, I haven’t been able to give the attention they deserved while I was in Westminster during the week. 

That doesn’t mean I’ve been absent from Ipswich issues for the past few months – far from it. As your representative, one of my key roles is to raise Ipswich issues in Parliament or with ministers.  If you look at my website you will see that I try to make my contributions relevant to the needs of Ipswich residents. I also hold weekly casework surgeries (you can book an appointment through my Ipswich Office. 01473 487648).  Around a thousand individual pieces of case work have been dealt with by my team since my election. 

We haven’t succeeded every time, but we will always try to help resolve your problems. And I can use examples of injustice here in Ipswich to try to change attitudes and hopefully legislation in Westminster. 

I will mention a few of the campaigns and debates I have been working on that will better people’s lives. 

  • Making the Felixstowe-Midlands freight line a key priority for transport in our region
  • Discussing the Cliff Quay sewage works with Anglian Water
  • Ensuring the Care Quality Commission can raise standards in care homes
  • Getting better policies for Council Houses and for housing in general
  • Proposing ways to help protect Postal Workers from being bitten by dogs
  • Supporting prevention of cruelty to animals
  • Demanding greater resources for our schools
  • Calling for a firmer response to the crisis for the Rohingya people in Bangladesh who have fled from persecution in Burma