“he explained everything you need to know as a vinyl collector!”



Fore Street is a quiet road, it’s a street some people walk along to get into town but it is not a main access.  Other than that, the only people that would go down that road are on a bus! If you aren’t into music or vinyl like myself, you wouldn’t even know the shop was there. Overall 2/5

First Impressions

From a 26 year old’s perspective, it’s a little bit daunting even walking by a shop like Out Of Time Records, let alone going in. From the outside it looks very dated, nothing too spectacular. If anything, it looks a little bit spooky. 

The interior was just floor to ceiling in vinyl’s, CD’s, DVD’s; everything you can possibly think of, all set out in different sections; genre, alphabetical, decade etc. It is like a treasure chest for the avid fans! It is quite a compact store, not too much room to move around, but you are able to get to what you’re looking for. 70’s music playing in the background (which you would expect!) Overall 3/5


The general feel of the shop was calm with customers enjoying hunting around for their collector’s items or additions. I cannot comment much on the décor due to the fact that I was unable to see much of it.  You can never underestimate how many vinyls are actually out there! However, from what I could see, the décor fitted the shop; Vintage! From a different time period! Overall 3/5   


As I entered the shop, the gentleman behind the counter smiled and I carried on having a look around. As someone who has no idea about vinyls, I obviously looked slightly lost. I had no idea where to start looking, almost like a needle in a haystack! Because the gentleman didn’t approach me, I went to him so I could get some help and I explained my predicament; I was looking for a birthday gift for my dad’s 50th birthday and he loves vinyls! However, I know nothing and need help! He made a bit of a joke about it at first, but he was so helpful! He explained everything you need to know as a vinyl collector! He was not just out to sell me anything because I was clueless, he tried to help as much as possible. Without actually knowing what my dad has collected so far and the exact type of music he is into, he gave me advice as to what was best; whether it was double vinyls with every song on - not just your single - or the most popular record people are after. I suggested going away and seeing if my dad had the records I had seen in the shop that day, and the gentleman was more than happy with that. Overall 4/5

Value for money  

During my visit I was shown prices- they varied. The gentleman explained what was what, explained why some were priced at £2-£3, some were £12 upwards and others were £150 (for a limited edition). So there are many different records to fit your budget. Overall 5/5

Knowledge is key in this business, you need to know what you’re talking about. This gentleman did just that - gave me an insight into the history of music. He wasn’t too pushy in selling me anything, just wanted to get a feel for what exactly I was looking for and was trying to help me out in the best way possible!
— Overall Score 3.3/5