When Nature Nurtures

Exhibition by new art group ‘The Wild 3’ at the Frame Workshop and Gallery

Three Suffolk artists have created a new group ‘The Wild 3’ to showcase paintings that explore nature, the environment and wellbeing. Laura Beardsell-Moore, Deborah Burrow and Margriet Van Nieuwburg will be exhibiting a range of atmospheric and expressive paintings exploring the UK’s landscape, flora and fauna at the Frame Workshop and Gallery in Ipswich throughout August. 

The three women joined forces and created the ‘The Wild 3’ to explore the natural world, the environment around us and what this means for our health and wellbeing. The artists have a strong shared belief that nature can help nurture wellbeing, and that art can enhance and deepen our relationship with the environment. 

Deborah, Laura and Margriet have exhibited together in larger group exhibitions in the past but decided to form the new group when they discovered their strong shared conviction that nature can have a powerful impact on health and wellbeing. This forms a central part of their art, although they each have very different styles, showing distinct approaches to the subject. 

The exhibition, ‘When nature nurtures’ includes an array of atmospheric landscapes, animal and botanical paintings offering an insight into their personal relationships with the UK’s countryside. 

The artists hope they can offer visitors a new perspective on the natural world as their expressive and evocative work helps us to see the environment through new eyes. 

‘When nature nurtures’ runs from 1-27th August 2018 at the Frame Workshop and Gallery in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich, IP1 1TJ. 

Open Mondays 10am-5pm, Tues-Fri 9am-5pm, Saturdays 9am-4.30pm.