Preventing Wildfires in Suffolk

This year has seen a significant increase in wildfires across Suffolk. The weather conditions have left areas of grassland, forest and cropped areas particularly vulnerable to fire.

A large forest fire or crop fire can impact hugely on Fire and Rescue resources and is very hard work to extinguish. Crews, control room staff and landowners would like to ensure that the risk of wildfires are kept as low as possible by following some simple steps.

Avoid throwing cigarettes and matches from vehicles or whilst out and about

Have the difficult conversations with your children about the dangers and consequences of playing with fire outdoors

Avoid BBQs in areas of woodland and near grassland. Keep them off the ground when you do use them and dispose of them properly when fully cold

Avoid leaving glass products in full sun as this can concentrate the sun’s rays to create a hot spot

Enjoy this period of hot weather but please help us reduce fire risk.