“it looked like a proper barber’s with modern chairs and music TVs playing”



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A fresh trim for summer is always needed – especially at the beginning of the school holidays! This month, we sent one of our mystery shoppers to put one of the newest barber’s in town, Mens Inc. Barbering, to the test. Our shopper had higher standards and a more ruthless approach to critique than most though…he’s 8 years old! Here’s how he found his experience in a new chair…

First Impressions

The barber’s is in town, so it’s a really good location. There are very few parking spaces, but you can park somewhere else and walk there. The front of the shop is grey, which is a cool colour, and the silver writing blends in really well with the grey. They have one of those swirly candy cane things in the window, which is good because it shows people that it’s a barber’s! When we first went in, Mike told my mum that he didn’t have any space to fit my haircut in then, but told us to come back a bit later and he would save space for me. He was really nice! 5/5


It smelled really nice inside, and Mike said that he had a special glowing air freshener that he pointed out in the corner of the room. It smelled really clean and he asked me if I thought it was his aftershave! The inside of the barber’s was decorated really well, it looked like a proper barber’s with modern chairs and music TVs playing. I like the big window as well, it brought lots of light in. 5/5


Mike was very kind and likes to have a chat. He showed my mum how to book online for appointments, so next time we don’t have to go and do boring shopping while we wait! Mike

asked me what kind of haircut I wanted and asked me lots of questions about it. He really wanted to make sure I got the haircut I liked. He chatted to my mum and me through the whole thing and was really interested to talk to us, which most barber’s don’t bother doing. Mike said thanks a lot at the end which was nice. 5/5



 I love my haircut; most of the time when I get my haircut I feel like the barber is stabbing my head with the razor! It tickled a bit around my ears but it didn’t hurt. It looks really cool and much better than when I normally get it cut. I like that it is longer on top so I can style it if I want, but short enough to leave it when I rush out of bed in the mornings! 5/5


My mum paid, so I think it was great value for me - plus I got a free lollipop! 5/5

OVERALL (MUM SAYS…) I have taken my son to many different barbers’ in Ipswich, and I have to echo the comments he has made here…Mike’s attention to detail, customer service and genuine warmth were so different to our usual barbering experiences. We originally turned up without an appointment (having been so used to waiting everywhere else!) and Mike was so apologetic that he couldn’t fit us in there and then. I’m glad we returned, because the experience was second to none. The décor of the salon is modern and fresh yet has a traditional twist that exudes luxury. My son was thrilled with his haircut – it genuinely is the best he’s ever had. And for £10 for a child’s cut, the value for money is incredible. I am used to paying £7-£8 for a below average service, but I won’t hesitate to return to Mens Inc. in the future for extra money well spent.
— Score 5/5