Havenly Neighbours

ABP is a unique company in that it not only consistently strives to improve itself, but it consistently endeavours to aid and better the communities that it surrounds. 

ABP is far from an isolated, self-involved business. The community and general area surrounding each port is highly important to ABP. The company’s 2016 annual report stated, “Being good neighbours is important and we constantly strive to support the communities around our ports.” This is a statement that ABP continues to abide by year after year, giving up countless time, money and resources locally.

ABP has contributed over £2 million to charities in the past 5 years. The business has hosted, sponsored and taken part in copious charity events and initiatives across the UK including: the ABP Southampton half marathon and 10k, which raised more than £100,000 for good causes; Macmillan’s “Brave the Shave”, which saw two ABP Ipswich colleagues shave their heads in order to raise £1500; and literacy charity Beanstalk’s reading initiative, which gained great help from colleagues at ABP Humber who dedicated their free time to help children improve upon their reading skills. 

All of ABP’s 21 ports are involved in community activities and ABP Ipswich in particular, has committed to helping the Ipswich community in a variety of ways. 

ABP Ipswich has particularly focused large amounts of attention on helping the welfare of local children. In recent years, ABP and companies based at ABP’s Port of Ipswich donated £17,500 to Bridge School, Ipswich. The school, which looks after children with severe learning difficulties aged 3-16, moved to a new site but funding did not cover a new playground for the youngest children. ABP stepped in to help provide this much needed resource. In 2016, a time capsule, which is filled with letters from Year 3 pupils at St Mark’s Catholic primary school, was placed in the ABP offices in Ipswich and is due to be opened in 2066. 

Following the success of the ‘Pig’s Gone Wild’ art trail in 2016, ABP will also be heavily involved in ‘Elmer’s Big Parade’ next year.

From large charity events such as the Fresh Start Charity Dragon Boat Challenge, which ABP not only took part in but hosted, to dress down days, most recently in aid of Blue Cross Suffolk Rehoming Centre, ABP Ipswich continuously pushes itself to do the most for this community. How lucky we are to have a neighbour like them.