World Chocolate Day!

It’s no wonder World Chocolate Day (7th July) was firmly on our radar for July…as a nation, Britons consume over 11kg EACH of the stuff every year – accounting for over a third of the entire chocolate consumption for the whole of Europe. Chocoholics, us?!

Whether you enjoy the creamy deliciousness of chocolate as a once-in-a-while treat, or as an everyday staple; it’s clear that the humble cacao bean has made a vast journey into the modern-day diet. But chocolate goes far beyond the realms of just a petrol station pick-me-up: it boasts a number of health benefits; has been the subject of movies and TV shows worldwide; and even forged itself as currency in centuries past! 

Chocolate isn’t just a treat for the tongue either: in recent years, beauty treatments such as chocolate scrubs or massages have grown in popularity, thanks to its impressive natural levels of caffeine and antioxidants.  The less processed, the better though (take note, before you go melting down your half-empty box of Quality Street…) so best to leave it to the professionals.