Waterfront Street Food & Craft Beer Festival June 2018

The sun was shining, the temperature was 20 degrees+ and cuisine from Greece, India, China & Mexico was on offer.  So, what did our editor find when he took his wife and grandson down to the Waterfront on the last Sunday in June?

waterfront street food

I am a foodie through & through and I really buy-in to the idea of street food.  The rustic approach to the dishes and the hand to mouth aspect is particularly appealing, along with the fact that any chef worth his or her salt (within your daily allowance of course) has to be creative in a different way to that required in their familiar kitchen.  As for craft beer, well go on then!

The Waterfront looked as resplendent as ever at lunchtime on Sunday 24 June and despite not seeing very much publicity at all for the event, I was ‘in the know’ so – prior to meeting up with friends for England v. Panama (great performance lads added in edit!!) - we took the opportunity to take an 8-year-old along for some fun.  The aforementioned seemed to be the first problem encountered; with organisers seemingly missing the fact that the home nation was in action that weekend or deciding that this was the only weekend that ‘worked’.  It was only early lunchtime, but the area was very low on visitor numbers and speaking to stall-holders, this was a mirror of the previous day.  I was there as grandparent and journalist, so we ordered three lots of different food and tucked in.

The pork sausage laying proudly in the hot dog was huge and more Saveloy than traditional sausage-meat which threw an 8-year-old slightly.  My wife and I tried it and it was ok, but probably should have been offered alongside a more traditional version for the younger visitor.  Next up was the chicken souvlaki which was very well presented, but ever so slightly under-grilled, so went unfinished.  Finally, we took on the pulled pork bun….the highlight of lunch. Unfortunately, the bar seemed late in opening, so we were unable to report on the craft beer aspect of the day – a shame. There were a few rides for children, but certainly not enough to boast an ‘entertainment’ area and a single scoop ice cream for £4 was almost unforgivable….but a promise is a promise. All in all a disappointing visit, but with far, far more publicity and a better range of….well everything really, then 2019 could be a redeeming year.