“the treatment was a lot quicker than my usual appointments”



Foot Kandi is a multi-purpose salon, based towards the end of St Nicholas Street. From nails to facial waxing, pedicures to eyebrows, Foot Kandi claims to be the ‘single destination for a large range of treatments’. Our mystery shopper – a serial acrylic addict – went along to test out Foot Kandi’s services…


First Impressions

I rang to book my appointment. The young lady on the phone seemed in a rush and I didn’t get a friendly feel off of her. I got booked in for 2 days later, so it was a quick turn around for appointments which is good. On the day, my first impressions were slightly hindered as there was scaffolding obstructing the shop so I couldn’t get a full look at the exterior.

SCORE 2.5/5



As I entered the shop, there were two ladies sat doing nails and one empty station. There wasn’t an obvious reception or desk. Neither of the ladies acknowledged me as I walked in, so I felt a little awkward and unsure of what to do. Then one of the ladies saw me, gave me a half smile, then carried on and said nothing. Eventually another lady appeared and showed me to a seat.



Fact find/staff attention

I showed the lady a picture of the nails that I wanted – which included shape and design/colour. It was fairly simple so there were no problems with that.

SCORE 3.5/5


Treatment Options

There are many different treatments to choose from – from pedicures to gels, acrylics to a simple file and paint. These vary in price but I opted for an acrylic with white top which is £25. There was a big range of colours and glitters.




The lady that did my nails barely spoke to me throughout the treatment. I think I had 2 sentences out of her and this seemed the same with the other ladies.



Delivery of treatment  

The technician’s skills were good and I’ve had my acrylics done A LOT so know how the process is. After I came away, there were a couple of nails that I realised were a little on the ‘wonk’. A little more attention to detail would have fixed this. The treatment was also a lot quicker than my usual appointments, lasting only 50 minutes. I also specifically asked if the white top could be fairly small as I didn’t want it taking up a lot of the nail, but unfortunately that wasn’t the result I got. SCORE 2/5


Standards and Décor

The décor was that of an average salon. I didn’t see any certificates displayed on the wall like you usually would, so unsure of what qualifications the ladies have. The range of nail colour choices were displayed on the wall and the rest of the salon is fairly small. Everything seemed clean and fresh.


Overall, I feel there are better places to go in Ipswich for your nails. The standard of a few of my nails isn’t what I would expect and a little more attention to detail would have prevented that. I ended up painting over the top because the white tip was too long for my liking, even though I asked for it to be shorter. A lovely concept for our Saints but I wouldn’t return.