The Olympic Standard

While the UK is enjoying its hottest week of the year, SL Elite Travel caught up with one of their most recent clients who has just returned from her own time in the sun; heptathlon athlete Katy Sealy, representing Belize at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

SL Elite Travel, Katy Sealy

Katy, Tell me a bit about your background and what you compete in?

I’m based in Woodbridge and have lived here since 1998. I attended Farlingaye High School before studying Sport & Exercise Science and Holistic Massage at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I also currently work as a personal trainer. I chose to represent Belize through my Dad who was born there before moving to the UK. I compete in the heptathlon, which is made up of seven athletic events over two days. 

How did you get on at the Commonwealth Games?

It was my second games, and I finished 11th where I just missed out on my personal best and the Belize national record by 74 points. I was nursing a calf injury during the second day but the atmosphere in Australia was great throughout. It is very early in the season so to achieve some personal bests was fantastic and now I’m preparing for the rest of the competitions this year.

How did you meet SL Elite Travel and how did you find the service?

Chris very kindly replied to one of my tweets offering to provide transport to the airport for my trip to Australia. The service was fantastic; Chris was very friendly and the car was wonderfully comfortable, and we talked most of the way there about many different things. I was dropped off right outside the airport which was fantastic! 

Where does SL Elite Travel fit into your success?

Sponsorship with SL Elite would be amazing. It would be such a great help as I normally travel at least twice a year to compete abroad. It would save me a lot of time and stress having to drive to the airport and park then driving home tired on return.

How can people support you?

By reading about me on my website and offering donations via ‘Gofundme’. Financial support is the most helpful; companies such as SL Elite Travel offering their services is also a great help and makes everything less stressful. I work 3 days a week to fund my athletics career and I’m very grateful for the support I have received from local businesses.