“a veritable treasure trove of trendy furniture and furnishings”

The House in Town: St Peters Street
Timing:Weekday afternoon

Amongst the quirky, intriguing independent shops in the Saints, you’ll find The House in Town: a three-floor mezze of the stylish; the unique and the extraordinary! The House in Town prides itself on ‘customer satisfaction’, by keeping prices low and service high. We sent our mystery shopper along to see if it lived up to its ethos…


Everything is everywhere and in no particular order, like you've stepped straight into someone's Pinterest board. A great place for inspiration, but you will probably find five other things you want in your life before you find what you were actually shopping for. SCORE 4/5


I was greeted straight away as I entered the shop by a gentleman who I later found out was the owner, John. I expected his attention as the only customer in the shop at the time, but he was welcoming and interested without jumping on me like a salesman. SCORE 5/5


I had a couple of items on my shopping list and John seemed genuine when chatting to him about what I was looking for. He invited me to check out the other floors and mentioned his other shop to visit two doors down, if I couldn't find what I wanted. SCORE 4/5


There are plenty of interesting and quirky items available throughout the shop. I was surprised to find that John has a catalogue of some 10,000 other products available from his UK-based suppliers, so there was much more to offer than what was in store! He was quite liberal in telling me about the deals he could offer, especially for multiple purchases. SCORE 4.5/5


We talked about a few items I really liked, and John gave enough information to be discerning without too much fluff or pomp. He gave some recommendations of other items I might be interested in from his catalogue, as well as available on his website. SCORE 4.5/5


John was running both shops by himself that day, and even closed up The House in Town in order to show me around his other shop. Although they close at 5pm during the week, he offered to meet me out of opening hours if I wanted to buy something, but couldn't make it back in time. They also do free delivery if you live in Ipswich. SCORE 5/5


Products are in abundance in every room, across the three floors of the shop. Great if you’ve gone there to look for inspiration or just to explore; otherwise be prepared to set aside time to find something specific! Just about every surface is covered (including every desk, table and cabinet) with various lamps and ornaments, which can make the shop appear a little disorganised in places. SCORE 4/5