Food for Thought

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Britons purchase over 3.5 billion sandwiches per year. 

Chicken is by far the most popular sandwich filling in the UK (approx. 43,000 tonnes used commercially per year), followed by cheese (16,000), ham (15,000), and egg (14,000). 

Despite Britain’s fondness for a Saturday morning bacon sarnie, the pork product’s popularity comes in 5th place, with around 7,000 tonnes sandwiched every year. The question is…red sauce or brown?!

Did you know there are four groups of islands in the world named after our very own Lord Sandwich? Probably not, but you’ll know one of the largest by its indigenously-renamed title – Hawaii!

The UK sandwich industry employs more people than the UK agricultural industry.

Traditional sandwiches – diagonally cut to form triangles, right? Wrong! 57% of commercially-prepared sandwiches are cut into rectangles, not triangles.