British Sandwich Week

Bagels, baguettes, bloomers, baps…long gone are the days of a soggy white square housing ham, squished in tin foil at the bottom of your bag. The humble sandwich has taken on multiple personalities in recent years, becoming something of an art form for lunch lovers everywhere.

british sandwich week, breakfast bap

British Sandwich Week begins on 20th May, and what better way to celebrate than to look at the intriguing development of what started off as a convenient way for the 4th Earl of Sandwich to carry on his activities without breaking for a meal! (Of course, we don’t condone working through your lunch break…get out there and enjoy the Spring sunshine before it disappears again).

We are partial to a panini or pitta at Waterfront Life HQ (one of us even has a Pinterest board dedicated to toasties – we’ll let you decide who), so it was an easy choice for this month’s ‘Food’ theme. We want to give a nod to the other end of the spectrum, too – Coeliac Awareness Week is 14th – 20th May, so show our gluten-free friends some love by packing your lunch with alternatives to wheat bread – why not try your favourite fillings in a corn tortilla, use Portobello mushrooms as ‘bun’ halves, or simply grab a loaf of one of many gluten-free bread alternatives available in every supermarket. Then use some of our filling inspiration on the right to create your own portable masterpiece (just keep your lunch bag away from the envious hands of your co-workers!)

Recipe Ideas of the Month

1. Brunch bap (PICTURED)

Fried egg, grilled bacon, sliced avocado and tomato.

2. Afternoon tea

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, watercress and cucumber slices.

3. New York deli

Pastrami, sliced gherkins, mustard and Romaine lettuce.

4. Mediterranean magic

Feta cheese, black olives and sundried tomatoes.

5. Pesto perfection

Chicken breast, pesto, tomato and spinach.