A Destination In Itself

Lydia Swallow is a recent addition to the Waterfront Life team. With obvious attention focused on The Salthouse’s marina views, she wished to turn the spotlight on The Salthouse’s internal appeal.

With the Salthouse situated on the Waterfront, its restaurant and south-facing rooms bragging the beautiful marine view before them, the sea-breeze, the tranquillity, the almost Mediterranean feel, it could be easy to forget the appeal The Salthouse holds within its four walls. It is not simply the stunning skyline that makes The Salthouse a four-star hotel. No; The Salthouse is a destination in itself.

Many four-star hotels focus purely on classic simplicity. The Salthouse has a personality! It continues its industrial chic exterior – a nod to its history – inside the foyer and lounge with slate-style flooring and antique statement pieces. Every area holds a unique treasure; from the knight you pass on the way to the high gloss restroom, to the large decorative lights above the reception. 

The Salthouse demonstrates a certain elegance with wall length black curtains framing the restaurant entrance and the lift’s beautifully ornate glass decoration. It’s quirky styling warmly welcomes you, with brightly coloured inviting sofas and armchairs you wish to soak into. 

This is the most enchanting lobby I’ve ever entered. The relaxed atmosphere becomes evident by the hum of chatter and infectious laughter that fills the room. Upon my arrival, I was struck by the different groups that gather here; from business meetings, to people relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere alone or with friends. After spending some time here it has become perfectly apparent why. Why would you go anywhere else for a coffee, lunch or an afternoon tea when there’s such comfort in your surroundings here? 

If you do wish for a more formal setting, the restaurant offers the answer. This is truly a unique space. It is grand and elegant, featuring high ceilings accentuated with gold-coloured columns, ornate globe lights and decorative wall art. It also manages to be comforting and cosy, thanks to alcove seating, an eclectic mix of décor and occasional harlequin pieces. The detail is what makes these rooms so inviting. The windowsills play host to an assortment of vintage and cultural items, whilst the walls display bold contemporary art and statement pieces that will inevitably trigger conversations between visitors.

Undoubtedly, The Salthouse is in a beautiful location with stunning views over the marina; however it is the interior that helps to makes this hotel so extraordinary.