To Have And To Hold

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19th May 2018 - a day many of us will remember for a long time to come. The day Prince Harry - so long the tearaway of the Royal Family - married Meghan Markle, the actress perhaps previously best known as ‘Rachel Zane’ from US TV series Suits.

What a day it was. Glorious weather, a memorable service, a horse drawn carriage conveying the happy photogenic couple through streets lined with adoring crowds - all in sight of a castle! We’ll remember it for years. (Nicola and I certainly will - we now share our wedding anniversary with royalty...!)

Why do we get so excited about weddings? Why, the magic we all feel when a girl in white walks down the aisle “single” and returns up it with her husband at her side, with a new name and married ‘till death us do part’?

I think I know. According to the Bible, weddings announce the great eternal reality. Every marriage we experience gives a snapshot of God’s grand plan: he’s building up to the biggest Royal wedding of all. Christians believe God’s own Son is soon to marry. Jesus is the noble Prince, preparing to take his bride into his Royal family to live together happily ever after. It’s a fairytale that will one day come true. Who is the lucky lady? She’s not your stereotypical princess. She’s actually the church, that motley band of commoners from around the world, all paupers in spiritual terms, with less going for them than Meghan Markle. But the Prince has proved he loves her and forgives her all her shortcomings; to him the church is beautiful, simply because they’re prepared to take his hand and say “yes - I do”!

That’s why the Church is so committed to, and enthusiastic about, marriage. We want to help couples celebrate their love and model their marriage on the relationship of the heavenly Prince and his bride. We usually offer marriage prep, to give a couple support in the months up to their wedding, and we plan the service with the couple, in order to make the ceremony an expression of their own personalities and preferences. Like Harry and Meghan, we want it to be a day they remember for a long time to come! If you have enquiries about wedding services, please get in touch.