The Truth About Healthy Eating

healthy eating

Most people know that a healthy, balanced diet is the right choice in life, but very few truly understand the full extent of the benefits and effects it can have.  

The process of putting fuel in your car is the same - you use the wrong type of fuel and your car won’t work properly…but put the best fuel available in, and you’ll see it perform like it was designed to. Your body is no different. 

If you want to lose weight then you need to make better choices with your food. A lot of people think if you stop eating as much, you’ll lose weight. Whilst there is some truth to this, most people take it to the extreme of eating too little, or barely anything at all. This will do nothing except cause yourself health problems down the line - and can even cause you to gain more weight! There is a fine balance when trying to put yourself in a calorie deficit (eating fewer calories than you burn) without going too over the top.  Instead you just need to look at what you eat and drink on a daily basis and ask yourself – could I do better?  

But don’t just think about your weight loss or flabby belly; consider what long term effects this unhealthy lifestyle is having on you. Your body can only do so much, before it can no longer fight and you start to suffer as a result.  Many diseases are linked to bad nutrition, so unless you’re looking forward to regular hospital visits, injections, tests and possibly worse; it’s time you take an honest look at yourself and decide if you want your precious time on this Earth to be spent feeling low and uninspired, or spend some time educating yourself and investing in the most important thing in life - you.  

Even if you have long term conditions or don’t like a lot of healthy foods, I bet there is still at least a handful of daily habits you can break to improve the areas you do have control over. Make some small changes today to change your life from the inside, out.

HealthBen Stewart