The Service Was Faultless


TIMING: Weekday afternoon

HydroJetz is an independent clinic, offering ‘a unique coming-of-age hydrotherapy express massage and weight loss service’, using a futuristically-designed ‘pod’ in which you lay fully clothed, and are massaged by water jets inside a protective membrane. Sounds intriguing, right?! Our mystery shopper – an avid massage enthusiast – went along to experience this unusual therapy technique…


After seeing HydroJetz’ website offering a free initial session for first time users, I called to book an on-the-day appointment, and they were more than willing to accommodate this; offering me various timeslots for availability. I asked what the process entailed and was given a brief but informative run down of what to expect when I arrived. SCORE 5/5


The shop is located on Fore Street, with various parking options available. From the street, it looks inviting yet subtle. Upon entry, I was greeted by name, which was a lovely, personal touch and immediately made me feel welcomed. The two ladies in the shop engaged me in friendly, funny conversation right away, which set the precedent for the rest of the visit. SCORE 5/5


The interior of the shop feels soft, light and airy. There is very little in the way of furnishings; namely the massage ‘pod’, a waiting sofa, and the reception desk area. Small touches such as vases of flowers and voile drapes give it a homely vibe. There is a slight cluttered feel to the walls and small areas where posters, information and bits and pieces are featured, but this doesn’t detract too much from the décor. SCORE 4/5


From entering the shop, to being talked through the massage process, to leaving; the service was faultless. I was offered water before and after the treatment, which was great for someone like me who is often dehydrated! As a frequent ‘traditional’ massage recipient, the process can feel awkward at times in terms of removing clothes and a stranger touching you, but other than engaging in conversation, checking I was happy and switching on the machine, the ladies played no part in the physical treatment. I felt no pressure at any time to purchase a course of treatments but was given the information should I want to return, along with a leaflet promoting the health benefits of massage. SCORE 5/5


Considering this first treatment was free of charge, the value for money is great! I ended up in the pod for closer to 20 minutes than 15, which was a bonus. Standard pricing is £1 per minute, but I was given prices offering a discount as a first-time user for the next session, which works out as saving £5-10 depending on the minutes purchased. I happily spend £30-40 on a 60-minute massage, so if I were to return, I would benefit from the savings – given that a 25-minute hydro massage is the equivalent of a 55-minute traditional massage. However, it would take me a couple more sessions to determine whether it would be beneficial for me to continue. SCORE 4/5