Running Safety Tips

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Health and wellbeing is of course at the top of many people’s agenda these days, and there is no better way to enhance your fitness and health than a run alongside the river or round the lake. Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service would like to ensure that a run out doesn’t end in tragedy, due to a moment of distraction or lack of preparation.

Runners and walkers are the group at most risk of accidental drowning in the UK - 77 people died in 2016 because they fell in the water whilst out for a run or a walk #BeWaterAware

Please enjoy the summer ahead and any activity in or near the water, but stay safe and never underestimate the risks of UK inland and coastal water.

  • Make sure your run is suitable for your fitness level
  • Consider joining a running group
  • Be aware and take notice of any warning signs of information
  • When running next to water stay clear of the edges - they may be unstable
  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing
  • Take a fully charged mobile phone and check signal strength, know how to use it and who to call in an emergency  
  • Look out for a trip or slip hazards - pay attention to your footing
  • Stick to proper pathways
  • Don’t run next to water if levels are high
  • Make sure you know exactly where you are - consider something like an OS locate app for a smart phone or a map
  • Don’t assume just because you have run a route many times before that it is still safe
  • Avoid running near water in the dark