Making Smarter Choices

Even the smallest of food and drink choices we make on a daily basis can contribute to lack of nutrition or gaining weight. We could sit here and suggest giving up your chocolate habit and eating apples instead…but that sounds like a pretty terrible compromise (and we prefer heading to the dark chocolate section instead). Use these simple healthy tips to satisfy your hunger, without sacrificing your tastebuds. 

A standard 25g bag of crisps contains almost twice the calories of a similar-sized bag of popcorn – not to mention double the fat content! Next time you fancy a mid-afternoon salty snack, grab a bag of the corny stuff and get your crunch on. 

Fond of a morning coffee on the way to work? You don’t have to give it up just yet! Swap a full-fat cappuccino for a ‘skinny’ version (using skimmed milk) and save yourself 40% more calories with only a fraction of the fat. Even better, try a black coffee with one of the many sugar-free syrups available in most coffee shops – caramel is our top choice!

One of the best things about swapping fat-filled, calorie-laden foods with more fruit, vegetables and protein, is that you can eat MORE! Using volume of food is a great psychological tool to fool yourself into thinking you’re eating twice as much food, but with half as many calories…and a shed load more nutrition!

When it comes to eating out, if you struggle to find healthy food choices on a menu, it’s still easy to eat better. Ask your server to give you only half the portion of fries; order a side salad instead of onion rings; skip the starter; or simply split a dessert instead of having a whole one (if you can bear to share!)