Waterfront Live

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When Shakespeare wrote ‘The isle is full of noises, sounds, and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices’ he probably didn’t have Ipswich’s Waterfront in mind – but strolling past the restaurants and yachts on a warm evening his lines from ‘The Tempest’ don’t seem too far off the mark.

The new Waterfront Live section of this magazine hopes to entice you in to one of the Waterfront’s bars, restaurants, pubs or concert spaces to enjoy some of those live sounds, often for the price of a pint or a spot of lunch. 

One of Ipswich’s most enjoyable live bands, the excellent JS and the Lockerbillies, play the University’s Cult Café in this month’s ICR session, also broadcast live on ICR from around 20:00. 

Led by Josh Locke, a hugely talented and hugely confident frontman, the band will be premiering tracks from their first full-length album, to be officially released next month after a successful KickStarter crowd funding campaign. If you’ve never heard the Lockerbillies – you’re in for a treat!  Owing a huge debt to the music of the 50s and 60s, combined with Stevie Ray Vaughan style guitar slinging, their music will send you out into the night with a huge smile on your face.  And all for the price of a glass or two… Josh also plays with Andi Hopgood’s Hoppi and the Hopefuls, who play Grand Central on the 14th April.

Waterfront Live Gig Guide 

April 2018

Sun 1 

  • The Waterfront Bar Bistro:  Irie J 15:00
  • Isaac’s: Citiglow 15:00

Fri 6 

  • St Peter’s by the Waterfront : Jazz by the Waterfront - guitarist Sam Plackett’s organ trio; tickets £10 19:45
  • The Steamboat: Fistikuffs (support: Skiv) 20:00

Sat 7

  • Grand Central: The Last Gunfighter

Sun 8 

  • The Steamboat: Jazz lunch: Good Times Jazz 14:00
  • The Waterfront: SaVi 15:00
  •  Isaac’s: Words and Music 15:00

Thurs 12 

  • Cult Café:  Jam night 19:00

Sat 14

  • Grand Central:
    Hoppi and the Hopefuls

Sun 15 

  • The Waterfront Bar Bistro: Sarah Probert 15:00
  • Isaac’s: Isaac Robert Brown 15:00

Fri 20 

  • The Steamboat: Open Mic Night -all welcome 20:30

Sat 21

  • Cult Café: buskers’ bench 17:00
  • Grand Central: South Andaura

Sun 22

  • The Waterfront Bar Bistro: Honey and the Bear 15:00
  • Isaac’s: James Morgan 15:00

Weds 25

  • Cult Café: JS and the Lockerbillies (ICR session) live from around 20:00

Thurs 26

  • The Steamboat: Folk at the Boat – folk jam session
  • Cult Café: jam night 19:00

Fri 27

  • Cult Café: Connor Adams 21:00

Sat 28

  • Grand Central: live band

Sun 29 

  • The Steamboat: Jazz lunch - La Fontaine Ensemble 14:00
  • Isaac’s: Lennon Mantra 15:00
  • The Waterfront Bar Bistro: Idreiss 15:00