Upper Orwell Crossings

On 6th March, a Public Information Event was held at DanceEast, providing an update on the Upper Orwell Crossings. 

Last month we looked at the benefits of the project upon completion; this month, we look at the timeline in progress, and the work completed so far, along with some FAQs regarding the proposed alignment announced last month.

Ground investigations on the river bed have finished ahead of schedule, and whilst land-based works remain in progress, from 13th March exploratory positions were also being investigated around the Port area to assess carriageway construction. Samples of the river bed are now being extensively tested by Fugro Geoservices Ltd, in order to inform the design of the bridges.

There will be a public consultation held in Autumn 2018, where residents will have a chance to comment on the location and design of the crossings once proposed. Off the back of this, the planning application for the project will be submitted, with final designs taking place in 2019-20, prior to construction beginning in 2020. 

The project is due to be completed and open to the public in 2023.

upper orwell crossings, ipswich


Was a tunnel considered?

Eighteen crossing options were considered, including ferries, bridges, tunnels and cable car. All of the non-bridge options were discounted as they did not meet the project objectives regarding safety, impact on operation, and effect on Marine and Port activity. 

What will happen to traffic volumes on the roads near landing points?

Detailed Transport Assessment work, looking at individual routes and junctions, is being conducted at present. This information will be available by the Autumn 2018 public consultation.

What will the bridge look like?

The design is still being developed, so no images are available at present. Once they are they will be made public, and the public will have a chance to comment on the design as part of the public consultation.

Is the alignment fixed?

This is Suffolk County Council’s preferred alignment, taking into account the many constraints and the engineering feasibility. The public will be able to make comment on the alignment at the public consultation later in the year.