The Winerack Update

The pace has well and truly picked up on the Winerack development, thanks to the work of construction contractor R G Carter. We attended their Information Evening on 14th March to obtain an update from the site managers on how things are progressing. 

Since November 2017, R G Carter have been on-site, undertaking enabling works to determine the current state of the structure and surrounding environment; ensuring construction can safely go ahead - shortly followed by gas and electrical services being instated.

Health and safety is paramount to R G Carter; a scaffolding gantry will be constructed over the pedestrianised area adjacent to the site, both to utilise as storage space, as well as to protect the public from crane movements overhead. A biometric turnstile system will also be in place for the whole site, in order to keep a record of who is on site at any point. 

The ‘car stacker’ system (one of the major technological selling points of the original development, which was also implemented in The Cambria prior to The Winerack construction halting) has some impressive features; including a reminder system, prompting drivers to remove keys, mobile phones and valuables from their vehicle before parking. Although one ‘stacker’ serves all four buildings, there will be three turntables, with R G Carter advising there will be no more than a 2-minute walk from car to apartment in any given block. The development will also have an on-site concierge (like The Mill) for residents’ use. 

The primary crane for the development will be erected next month - opposite Anytime Fitness - to allow Block A3 to begin. This part of the development is the building nearest to the river, including the ‘archway’ portion of the site that goes over the pedestrian walkway on the Waterfront. The most noticeable work to be carried out on the development next month will be cladding to this building. Block A3 is due for completion in April 2019, and whilst A3 is underway, work will begin on Block A1 – the building nearest Key Street – to be completed just three months later in July 2019. Blocks A2 and A4 will contribute to overall completion in January 2020.