Fire Safe

Suffolk is getting Fire Safe with modern safer appliances. Less use of chip pans, reduction in smoking habits and a more risk aware community has helped reduce accidental fires in the home significantly over the years . Latest Home Office figures are 558,963 incidents attended by FRSs in 2016/17. Of these incidents, around 161,770 (29%) were fires. This is a decrease of 0.3 per cent since 2015/16 and less than half compared with ten years ago (336,233 in 2006/07).


This is reassuring news, but fires may still occur even if we are being consciously safe and doing everything right in our homes. Recently Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service ran a campaign to encourage the public to consider what to do in the event of a fire by taking an online quiz about an escape plan. There was also an opportunity to create your own bespoke plan for the family.

A fully functioning Smoke Alarm on each level of your home will give early warning of a fire and enable your family to put into practice a well-rehearsed escape plan. You can take our online quiz by visiting

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service offers a free Safer Home Visit (subject to certain criteria) where an operational crew or Prevention Practitioner will spend time in your home with you and offer advice and support in making your home as safe from fire as possible. This is a particularly valuable service for those who may be vulnerable due to age or mobility. Referrals can be made by phone to 

01473 260588.A few simple questions and we can arrange a visit to reassure and support you and your family.

If you are referring a family member or neighbour, please ensure you have their consent before contacting us.

Please test your smoke alarms #isyoursworking