Chairing The Vision

There’s a lot going on!

Two really exciting projects which are vital to the revitalisation of Ipswich are now underway - and there are more in the pipeline.

Thanks to the financial backing of Ipswich Vision partners, the major project to upgrade the Cornhill in Ipswich began in January and will be finished by the end of October, ready to welcome the town’s Christmas tree.

ipswich vision

There’s been a good deal of discussion about the Cornhill, but all the Ipswich Vision members believe it’s crucial that our town’s biggest and most important square has a real “wow factor.” It sets the tone for the rest of the town centre.

The upgraded Cornhill will have new paving, a water feature, new seating, more trees, and archways which will celebrate the fascinating and unrivalled history of Ipswich. It will be great!

Ipswich market has moved to Princes Street, next to the town hall, and into Queens Street. This move is an important step towards the Ipswich Vision’s strategy of “turning the town around,” to create a north-south axis with better links between the town centre and the Waterfront.

At the Waterfront itself, work has begun on completing the building which has become known as “the wine rack.” For years, the skeletal tower has stood as a symbol of the financial crash of 2008 - visible from all over town.

Now, thanks to money from the Local Enterprise Partnership and Central Government, work has re-started on the building, which will provide more than 150 homes and over 50 new jobs. The completion of the Wine Rack will be hugely important for the Waterfront, and the town in general.

Across town, the Princes Street business corridor is developing apace, with Birkett’s impressive new HQ nearing completion, Connexions is now occupied, plans for offices at the former nightclub, and a scheme to demolish the eyesore former Drum and Monkey pub.

There’s also a really important piece of work underway to make Ipswich a more pleasant place in which to work, rest and play. It’s called the Public Realm Strategy - ok, maybe not the most catchy title - but it will potentially be transformational. More on that next month.

As we said, there’s a lot going on!

Carly Frances