The View From The Salthouse

The one thing people know for sure about the Salthouse’s regular Wine Nights is that they are always sold-out.  So is this down to the quality of the wine ‘on sample’, the mystery & intrigue surrounding wine-tasting, the ambience, the accompanying food…..or all of the above?  Having not been able to obtain a ‘golden ticket’ previously, our editor snapped up the chance for February’s exclusive night and attempted to decipher his ‘nose’ from his ‘legs’ 

Taxi booked.  Suit on.  Anticipation set to ‘excited’.

I am definitely not a wine buff – whatever that actually means.  I know what I like and what I don’t and the closest I get to a pattern of purchase behaviour, is buying French or South American….at or under 13 percent ABV

So, seeing an online menu consisting of Northern Italian whites & reds was a challenge I was very happy to accept.  Add to that a very appetising looking 4-course dinner menu and I was ready to be educated.  

Guests were initially greeted in the lounge with a glass of Il Grigio, Brut – a very sophisticated flute of fizz and a definite step-up from its Prosecco neighbour.  Taste-buds awakened, we were then shown through to a dedicated area of the Eaterie and the evening began in earnest.

A 2016 Ancilla Lugana accompanied the smoked haddock, a 2016 Tramin Pinot Noir joined forces with the wild mushroom ravioli, a 2016 Tramin Lagrein completed the braised beef shin and a 2015 Ca’Rugate Soave complemented the white chocolate pannacotta.

Now, I don’t know the exact science behind matching food with wine, but I can tell you that the scientists from Hallgarten Druitt and the Salthouse Harbour created a taste explosion.  Supposedly I “don’t drink white wine”, but I happily sipped and then comfortably finished the Lugana.  My favourite was definitely the Pinot Noir, but then I was impressed by all of the samples.

At £59.00 per head and with head chef Chris’ superb culinary skills thrown in, no wonder the nights are a major success.  The interaction with the Sommelier from the host merchant was both informative & non-intrusive and my wife and I were able to enjoy a superb evening dining experience, as much as we enjoyed the education. 

Carly Frances