Memories of The Waterfront

On 15th February, we were fortunate to be invited along to a special screening event of The Hold’s Digital Stories; a selection of fond tales of the Waterfront area, as told by local residents, and visualised with photographs and drawings relating to each individual memory. The project has been born from a collaboration with Suffolk Record Office, the University of Suffolk, Suffolk County Council, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

Brought to life by Ipswich-based media company Chronicle Digital Storytelling, founder John Royle explained the concept behind why digital storytelling is the future of bringing records from the past, to the present: “Photographs don’t give a meaning to a story; adding a voice brings a new level,” he said, before explaining that compiling stories from the past is similar to prospecting for gold; you have to sift through a lot to find the real gold nuggets!

Here are some of the gold nuggets we were able to hear at the event, related directly to Waterfront living, industry and regeneration. 

waterfront feedback

What aspects of the Waterfront area are YOU most fond of? Email with your memories and stories, and one will be chosen to feature in next month’s issue!