I Definitely Need A Van

On a cold, grey, drizzly Monday morning, I woke up and surveyed the utter chaos that stared back at me from inside my Waterfront apartment. Today was Moving Day, and after nearly four years of living in my cosy 2-bed flat (and the corresponding accumulation of various items of furniture, kitchen gadgets and forgotten packs of IKEA tealights), I had a LOT to do. 

u need a van

Fortunately, I foresaw the British weather and lack of transport options available at short notice, and decided to book myself a removal company to take some of the burden away. I didn’t need absolutely everything done for me; I’d already sent off various friends and family members with car loads of cardboard boxes, and my plan of action to have everything into my new house by mid afternoon was only hindered by the fact I wasn’t 100% sure I would fit two sofas into the back of a VW Golf. 

Having come across Ipswich-based U Need A Van during a last-minute need for some items transported in January, I decided to give Daren a call and find out his availability and pricing for the job in question. Daren – and brother Dean – have been in the business for 12 years; building a solid reputation on their careful, organised and stress-free service. By no means was I looking for a ‘cheap’ service (with cheap, comes not-so-cheerful when it relates to breaking precious belongings!) and Daren advised me that – like Stella Artois – U Need A Van are “reassuringly expensive!” Daren booked me in for midday on Monday and just like that, the stress of the move was taken away from me. 

Rolling back to Monday afternoon, and Daren pulled up at the agreed time. He and Dean brought various transport props up to the apartment with them, including cushioned skateboards, quilted mattress covers, strapping and trolleys. They carefully and efficiently dismantled the larger items, before escorting them down to the two vans set up outside (with cones alerting any passers by to the ongoing movement – very health and safety conscious). Even the smaller items that I had planned on using my best Tetris skills to fit into my car, they threw in the van too (thankfully, not in the literal sense).

Before I knew it, my entire home was empty, and I had barely lifted a finger. As my partner had taken the car to the new house, I wasn’t looking forward to a half hour walk, but Daren kindly offered me a lift with him in the van, which I gladly accepted after surveying the black clouds. 

Upon arrival at the house (and despite the troops of people who had already traipsed through with wet feet) I was pleasantly surprised when Daren and Dean laid dustsheets on the floors before removing the items from the van, enquiring with each piece which room it was to be placed in. After a solid 3 hours of work, I finally remembered I hadn’t offered either of them a drink; only to be told that the vans are fully equipped with facilities for food and drink, meaning they can be as productive as possible without the need to break away from the job. 

It got to 5pm and Dean broke the news that my boyfriend’s handy work in putting together a wardrobe had backfired; the back had fallen away from it! He must have sensed an oncoming domestic…ten minutes later, he popped back to the kitchen and informed me they had fixed it, after “I saw the pained look on your face!”.

Around 5:30pm, Daren informed me that there was nothing left in the vans, and that they were on their way. I thanked them profusely for their excellent, professional service, and for saving me from what would have been a long and very stressful day. 

Prior to deciding on U Need A Van’s services, I had obtained quotes from local ‘man-with-a-van’ type set ups, and I could have easily decided on a cheap as chips option. Having seen first hand exactly what level of quality and experience you get by a slight increase in price, I am extremely glad I decided not to! Daren and Dean provided me with exactly what I needed and more; their teamwork and dedication to making the move as easy as possible radiated at every moment and it’s easy to see why they are “Your Best Move By Far”!