Electrical Safety In The Home

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Prevention team are working hard across Suffolk to reduce the risk of accidental fires in the home. Great progress has been made over the years with smoke alarm ownership at record levels. 

Last year, nationally, 4,732 fires were caused by faulty electrical appliances, including recalled items, the equivalent of 13 fires per day across the UK. Faulty goods were responsible for 20% of all electrical house fires, causing hundreds of casualties and in some cases death. Despite this, new research shows that one in five consumers are willing to put themselves in danger by continuing to use a product they know has been recalled for safety reasons.

If an electrical appliance has been registered, the manufacturer can contact its owner if the product needs to be recalled. However, new figures show that only 23% of consumers register their electrical appliances. The top 3 reasons people give for not registering include “It’s too much hassle”, “I meant to but I forgot” and “I didn’t think it would have any benefits”.  

Many people don’t understand why manufacturers ask them to register their appliances.  Almost two thirds of consumers think it’s so they can be sent marketing messages to promote other products. Manufacturers are starting to do their bit but consumers can help considerably by ensuring all appliances are registered.

If you have moved into a home where white goods have been left by the previous owner it is important to have confidence that they are not subject to a recall. Tenants should ask the landlord whether the appliances included in the property have been registered.


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