Breakfast at The Salthouse

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – a phrase we hear on a regular basis. But how does the Salthouse cater for this culinary start to our waking hours?  We sent Danielle along to shadow head chef Chris McQuitty. 

I met up with Chris and his team during a weekday breakfast service – although heading up the kitchen on any given morning, you will usually find Emilio, who is unnaturally cheerful at 6am!

“Breakfast quality is very important for a hotel,” Chris told me, “it’s often the final impression a guest will have before leaving us, and we need to get that right.” Fortunately, the Salthouse has an array of opportunity for ‘getting it right’. Approximately 90% of breakfast guests are those staying in the hotel, but the restaurant is also open to non-residents at this time. The extensive menu offers continental and cooked options, ensuring everyone’s morning appetite is satisfied. 

So, what are the most popular breakfast items on the menu? “The Suffolk Grill has always been a favourite, but Eggs Benedict is also becoming a lot more popular. Generally midweek, the Continental menu is favoured as we have a lot of business guests who enjoy a quick porridge or croissant and coffee, before heading out to work.”

Does the kitchen get any particularly bespoke or unusual orders? “We are very flexible in catering to everyone’s needs,” Chris explained, “we have gluten-free porridge and soya milk for those with dietary requirements, and we do have guests who prefer something like an omelette for breakfast, which we are happy to do. We even offer our bacon sandwiches ‘to-go’.” I asked Chris whether this extended to other breakfast options. “I’m not sure how well that would work with Eggs Benedict!” Fair point, well made. 

Another nice touch is the room service option offered by the hotel – for no extra charge, you can have your preferred breakfast delivered to you in bed; just hang your menu choices on the door the night before. “This is particularly well received on occasions like Valentine’s Day,” Chris said. 

With that in mind, I know where I’d like to be heading for breakfast in bed on the 14th..…