The View From The Salthouse

As part of our ongoing relationship with the Salthouse Harbour Hotel, I was delighted to meet up with 27 year-old Ryan Grimwood recently, the Hotel’s Eaterie’s sous chef...

Ryan started his culinary journey in the kitchen of a Hungry Horse pub in Claydon at the age of 16. With the pub’s head chef noticing Ryan “dodging sixth form every now and then”, he decided to teach Ryan the basics of how to cook; the simple things such as soups and meat and a career in catering went from there. Ryan fell in love with cooking and hasn’t stopped since; enjoying learning new tricks of the trade… Ryan says “it’s like being a sponge, soaking up all of the information and advice everyone gives you and it goes into your book of knowledge” 

The young cook then applied to become breakfast chef at the Salthouse and received the call that everyone wants after their interview; the job was offered!  Since then Ryan has worked his way up to sous chef, also experiencing the head chef role for a short while. This allowed him to put together this year’s Christmas menu for the Salthouse, which was in the making way back in May. With the Hotel fully booked on the big day, the atmosphere is sure to be warm and hearty festive food is sure to be on the menu. As winter is Ryan’s self-professed favourite season, it didn’t take long for him to decide on his perfect menu, allowing him to show off his skills.  

Ryan admitted during our chat to being allergic to many things, so as a chef this can be quite challenging - but it doesn’t stop him; Ryan is constantly finding new ways to cook and using ingredients to replace what he is allergic too.  “Every day is a school day and a constant learning curve for me” says Ryan. 

With the festive season fast approaching, I asked Ryan what his favourite festive food is, “has to be the traditional turkey dinner, all the trimmings with a treacle tart for afters!”. He has made sure these have both featured on to the menu this year.

Unlike many of us, Ryan has to carry on as normal during the break, which means working on Christmas Day. However, the Salthouse “always has that family feel, with people constantly looking out for each other and Christmas is no different, everyone tries to make the day special for all those who are involved” says Ryan.  We’ll drink to that.