Losing Weight The Right Way

In order for you to lose fat you need to expend more energy than you are consuming. There is no getting around this, it is a scientific fact! Now there are many meandering diet paths we can take to achieve fat loss but ultimately they all must lead to a calorie deficit.  Our advice is to avoid extreme styles of dieting that are overly restrictive and are difficult to sustain.  

Take your current diet, make small manageable changes that bring you into a deficit, measure your progress and test and adjust from there. Get to know your body and find that golden zone where you have enough energy to live your life, exercise and do all the things you love, but also ensuring that you are consuming less energy than you are expending.  A few months of tracking your diet is a great way to monitor your intake and identify any hidden calories that may be the difference between weight loss and weight gain.  Remember, what gets measured, gets managed.

curly wurly

Are you aware of what you are eating? What is a “healthy” food?  What even is “health”? – Health is a pretty broad term; one definition of health is “Ensuring consumption of sufficient nutrients, whilst supporting energy balance across the overall diet”.  Go into your cupboard or fridge and pick out 3 “healthy” foods and then 3 “unhealthy” foods.  Let’s take the popular avocado and the Cadbury’s Curly Wurly.  Now, looking at them objectively, the avocado is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C, the Curly Wurly offers little in comparison.  However, whilst the avocado is 234 calories, the Curly Wurly is only 118 calories.  Remember, with body composition changes - calories matter.  

Now, this is not a criticism of an individual food or a promotion of another, but simply a call to appreciate the actual nutritional values of food.  We are told that certain foods are “bad” or “unhealthy” and certain foods are “good” or “healthy”, instead we should see them for what they are. A calorie is a calorie. 

If you need advice or have any questions with your diet or exercise programme then send us a message at info@stoicperformance.co.uk...oh and Merry Christmas, see you in January!