Look Sharp In Winter Wear

Here we are on the run-up to Christmas: so very exciting with all the warm winter outfits and colourful decorations. There really isn’t a better time of year to make that special effort when going out with friends and relatives. 

So, when we are invited out for a wonderful Christmas lunch or dinner, we should at least make an effort to dress appropriately for the occasion. What do I mean by ‘appropriately’? Well, it would certainly be nice to arrive in a casual jacket; of course, you can wear a jumper over your shirt to keep warm, but it can be a little awkward when entering a lovely warm house or restaurant having to remove your jumper over your head, whereas taking a jacket off is much easier!

The main thing is to make our clothing look totally effortless; preferably an understated style, which can be so very simple, but one wrong move and it can all go wrong.  For example, a patterned shirt with a patterned jacket is not a good look, but a patterned shirt with plain jacket looks amazing - especially if there is a contrast in the colours. A light-coloured shirt and dark jacket, or a dark shirt with light jacket. It does seem obvious, but look around and you will see what I mean!

Take pride in your appearance this Christmas: your friends will appreciate it and you will feel so much more comfortable.

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 

StyleAntonio Bellini