“it’s such a special gift to be able to create something genius – which is what this lady did for me”

Venue: Cake Supreme, Tacket Street

Time: Weekday Morning

IMG_4068 (002).jpg

There is nothing better than walking into a cake shop and instantly getting hit with the incredible smell of sugar and celebration. Our Mystery Shopper visited Cake Supreme in the hope that they could save the day and make her something amazing for her son’s birthday - as per usual, she had left it to the last minute (like most of us do) ...or is that just her?!


The location of Cake Supreme is perfect: on a main road heading straight into the town centre, people have to walk straight past it if they are heading that way. Parking is available, as there is a car park right over the road from the shop - which is easily accessible - or a few side streets which have parking spaces. I am aware that Cake Supreme is mainly a wedding cake shop, which fits perfectly for the location it is in; with a wedding shop, salons and flower shops nearby. 4/5


When I first arrived, I was greeted by a lovely lady who asked how she could help. I was somewhat vague with my request: I went in asking for a cake for a 4-year-old who loves super heroes (especially the Hulk!). Through a process of elimination, we narrowed it down to something my son would hopefully enjoy! We went through how many people the cake needed to feed, which gave her a rough idea how big it needed to be. I trusted her judgement to make something incredible that would please a 4-year-old. I gave her only a week’s notice in order to produce this cake. When I went to pick it up, it also had cupcakes with it and the main cake was quite big, so she helped me to my car. Overall 5/5


The cake itself was delicious, everyone was very pleased with it and the kids certainly enjoyed choosing their favourite super heroes on the cupcakes. I couldn’t decide at first what flavour I wanted, so was slightly greedy and went for vanilla cupcakes and decided on chocolate for the main cake. There was more than enough to feed the amount of people I originally said, with loads more to spare. Overall 5/5  


I have always found that cakes can be quite expensive, however Cake Supreme works around your budget. In my case I always find myself going in with a rough budget and then liking the ideas too much and my budget then starts to increase, so I’ve only got myself to blame! The cake altogether cost me £68 and if you see the finished product; in my opinion, it was totally worth it!  Overall 4/5

Overall, Cake Supreme did a fantastic job. It’s such a special gift to be able to create something genius – which is what this lady did for me, especially in a small time period like I gave her, so I would like to thank her for that. She had a few orders already, so to be able to fit me in gave her customer skills top marks! I would highly recommend Cake Supreme to anyone. One thing that will always be around is cake makers; everyone loves a personalised cake and will normally pay a respectable amount to have one.
— Overall Score 4.5/5