Holiday Hacks

If your Christmas morning is synonymous for waking up at 5am just to put the oven on – we’re here to lend a hand! Check out these life hacks that will not only revamp your Christmas cooking, but save you bundles of time – leaving you to spend it on more important things (like cracking open that bottle of fizz!) 

Dust off the slow cooker

Remember that Crock Pot you bought (and used once) back in 2015? Time to put it to good use. Save your oven space and let the worktop wonder bake your stuffing, pre-cook your meat joint (just stick it in the oven for the final 30 minutes to crisp up if necessary), or steam your Christmas pud. You can even use it to warm up and serve mulled wine, cider or hot chocolate as a welcome drink!

Use disposable baking tins

If the thought of attacking the post-Christmas pile of washing up fills you with dread, give yourself a break and stock up on foil trays to cook your dinner in. Make sure you choose 100% recyclable ones to ensure your stress-saver is eco-friendly. Swap your glassware for disposable wine flutes for even less washing!

Ask guests to bring a dish

Cooking the Christmas dinner is stressful enough, even for the most accomplished chef. Let your friends and family share the load by asking them to bring a dish each – whether it’s a simple bowl of peas, or a handcrafted cheesecake, it’s one less thing for you to worry about. 

Warm your plates in the dishwasher, not the oven!

Maximise your oven space by using it for just the food. Put your plates on a short rinse cycle, then simply remove and dry prior to serving the food (we suggest employing one of the kids or the other half for this task!). If you don’t have a dishwasher, sit them in a sink (or even bath) of hot water for 20 minutes for the same result.