I’ve been to barber shops where – no matter how many times you go in there – they have no products to put on at the end. It’s like going to get your car washed, and them not drying or waxing it to make it look pristine! Making sure the cut is right is one thing, but the other important part of the hair is the finish. You want your clients walking out of the salon knowing their hair – or face – looks its absolute best, and you can’t do that with the cut alone.

Some barbers will use cheap – or really expensive – products on their clients, for a decent profit, but it may not necessarily be a good quality or even suitable product for that client. You want your client to have a great style that they can replicate when they get home; they can’t do that if they don’t have the right tools for the job. 

I use some great products in my shop; I don’t scrimp on the quality and comfort I’m giving to my clients. I rarely sell these products directly though – you can buy them so much cheaper on Amazon, which is normally where I direct clients! People are amazed that I do this, but at the end of the day, I want my clients assured that I’m using an expensive product because I like using it, not because I want to sell it and make a profit. 

A particular brand I love is American Crew, which is what I mainly use in the salon, but I have a stock of certain products that I feel are essentials that I recommend to most clients, rather than stocking just one particular brand. When it comes to male grooming, you can’t go wrong with American Crew, Ruzl, Uppercut (for beard balm), Fudge and Muk – an Aussie brand that I’ve used for many years. 

Obviously, different products will work differently for different hair types, so there isn’t a catch-all for every client. But as a general rule, spending a little more is always worthwhile: if they have good ingredients, they will be better for your hair and kinder on your scalp, they tend to last longer and will showcase your hair in the best possible way. 

StyleMichael Andre