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Flowers are always so pretty to look at, but do we pay much attention to the actual care of them? And where do they come from - do we assume they magically appear in the shop? Emma explains all… 

The flowers Emma sources into the shop come from Holland, and the time between when they are cut and then delivered to Emma’s Florist is 24 hours, so it is a quick turnaround. When they are delivered, they will stay in the shop for a day to allow them to drink up plenty of water and make sure they are looking fresh and delightful, before going out to your homes for everyone to admire!

It is really important to cut flower stems on the slant, as it allows them to soak up the water effectively. Flowers also need to be displayed in a deep vase to allow them to drink as much as they can! This is when you add the flower food; many of us assume flower food isn’t really a necessity however it isn’t just water that flowers rely on. Flower food mostly contains sugar, acid and bleach (believe it or not!). The sugar supplies nutrients to the flowers, acid maintains the pH level and bleach reduces the levels of bacteria in the water. 

With the festive period fast approaching, why not add a personal floral touch to your Christmas table with a Christmas Table Centre Workshop, held on 17th December at Inspire Suffolk. You will enjoy an evening full of festive fun; making your very own fresh flower centrepiece, guided by one of Emma’s team. Originally £45, this course is on special offer for Waterfront Life readers at £35 - and all proceeds will go to Inspire Suffolk. 

You still have time to order your bespoke items from Emma’s Florist - add a touch of style and elegance to your perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, a friend or even your secret Santa recipient! 

Emma’s Florist still has two workshops available for you to go and put your creativity to the test and make your bespoke wreath, with a variety of items available such as pine cones, oranges, berries, little flowers and finished off with a beautiful ribbon. But be quick: the two that are available are on 7th and 12th December. 

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