Bringing World Timber Products to Suffolk

Anglo Norden was formed in 1966 by Claus Wedel: his aim; to develop a trading company which promoted the supply of high quality Scandinavian timber to the UK timber merchant sector. Starting life in Potters Gate, Norwich, the business soon expanded to Felixstowe, eventually out-growing the facility there, moving to its current location at Eagle Wharf in the Port of Ipswich, where the company operates a full timber terminal service.

anglo norden

Anders Wedel took over from his father in the early 90s and has continued to develop and grow the business, adding Woodbank Timber to the Group in September 2011. Woodbank Timber is engaged in the supply of fencing products to the domestic, agricultural and equine markets. Promoting a range of high quality posts under the SurePine brand and a wide range of continental panels and garden furniture from the Baltics and Poland, those walking the waterfront will see mixed lorry loads of construction and fencing products leave the Eagle Wharf terminal on a daily basis, destined for our customers right across the UK.

Anglo Norden manages its own shipping department, under the careful watch and direction of Per Christianson, the company takes in fortnightly shipments of material from countries such as Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Canada and the Baltics, guaranteeing its customers continuity and security of supply of its timber products every day.

Residents along the Waterfront will see ships come and go, generally arriving on the early tide, Anglo Norden is always very mindful of its domestic and business neighbours when operating its business. It always take great care in notifying everyone in the port area when discharging vessels, this is performed as quietly, quickly and safely as is humanly possible. It is always the intention that the normal life of the waterfront has the minimal amount of disruption during business operating hours.

Anglo Norden continues to grow, embracing change and promoting industry leading products, to a very loyal customer base. The team at Anglo Norden are very excited about what lies ahead and will do everything possible to ensure they continue to operate the business in harmony with “waterfront life”.

BusinessLouise Shadbolt