A Dash Of Salt & A Handful of 2018

Everyone has their classic recipe that will be sure to appease even the fussiest of eaters on Christmas Day. But why not surprise your guests this year, and take inspiration from one of these modern twists on your roast dinner staples?

Ginger & orange glazed gammon

Let’s face it – as traditional as turkey is, it can often be dry and boring. Swap the basic bird for a joint of gammon and smother it in a ginger and marmalade combo for a sweet, sticky glaze that will tickle tastebuds at the dinner table.

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Roasted sprouts with pancetta and cranberry sauce

Sack off the boring boiled Brussels and liven up the forgotten veg by roasting in olive oil, before adding pan-fried pancetta and a helping of cranberry sauce. 

Sourdough mushroom stuffing

Step away from the boxed granules and whip up your own crowd-pleaser in less than 15 minutes. Sourdough breadcrumbs turn a usually heavy dish into a lighter option, and adding an assortment of mushrooms and wild herbs gives it a whole new level of fresh flavour.

Gingerbread & pear trifle

Trifles are an essential part of a Boxing Day buffet table. Go against the norm and try a more festive flavour by swapping out ladyfingers for gingerbread Christmas trees, peaches for poached pear, add rum to your custard, and top with caramel-infused whipped cream.