Meatless Mondays

There are so many products on the market that you can easily substitute for some of your usual ingredients, such as mince, chicken and sausages, to make them vegan. Try easing into veganism by having a ‘meatless Monday’ every week, and indulging in an animal-free dinner with the family.


vegan burger

Instead of Beef mince chilli 

TRY Bean chilli

Beans provide a protein boost and have the perfect texture for a classic chilli.


Instead of a Hamburger 

TRY A Veggie burger

Try beetroot, mushroom or aubergine for the meatiest resemblance!


aubergine bacon

Instead of Chicken Stir Fry 

Try Tofu stir fry

Turn your nose up at tofu? A tasteless food alone; when flavoured and cooked right, it can replace chicken in almost any recipe with ease!


Instead Of Pork bacon 

Try Aubergine bacon

Yes, sounds weird. But a surprisingly delicious alternative for the classic British sandwich!

coconut ice cream


Instead of Ice Cream 

Try Coconut ice cream

There are plenty of vegan ice creams available on the market these days, but try making your own using frozen bananas and coconut milk.