La Tour Cycle Café

Any recent visitor to the Waterfront would have noticed the new pop up, La Tour Cycle Café, based next to Dance East. Previously based in Tower Street, La Tour is a Community Interest Company which is not for profit and is run by the lovely Anna Matthews. 

la tour cycle cafe

Any profit that Anna makes in the Café goes straight to help run the other number of projects she is involved in; mostly with helping the homeless. Many people who work for Anna were previously homeless and Anna has helped get them back on their feet. The Café has a huge community focus and puts on a variety of events for all visitors to enjoy. 

Anna plans for La Tour to be settled on the Waterfront for a couple of years, before hoping to move onto a project in Ipswich utilising a burnt-out church; receiving Heritage Funding which will allow them to convert it into a hub to continue further her efforts to help the local community.