“it was lovely to see the staff get so involved with the kids”

Venue: Partyman World of Play, Cavendish Street
Time: Weekday Morning

Everyone is a child at heart and having kids you get to experience the perks by going back to your childhood days and secretly enjoying the soft play! We sent our mystery shopper along with her kids to experience the newly opened Partyman World Of Play.

partyman world of play ipswich


If you have ever been to some sort of kids’ adventure play, you will know that they are not the prettiest from the outside; basically a unit in an industrial estate! Let’s face it, there is plenty more room in those than a normal commercial space, and for something like this, space is definitely crucial. So, from the outside it’s just a standard unit with their signage. Plenty of parking outside which is ideal: nothing worse than turning up with your kids and not being able to park. SCORE 4/5

First Impressions

As a mum of a 3 year old and a 2 year old somewhere like this is ideal: a chance for them to let off all that energy, rather than them destroying my house! As we first walked in the place was busy, with it being half term, everyone else had the same idea as me! This was great for my kids: more friends for them! Plenty of things for the kids to do and keep them entertained. Very spacious and very colourful. You could see there were 3 different sections - babies, toddlers and children above 4, which is easy enough to figure out. Being somewhere for kids, you like to think the place is secure, and no children are able to enter or exit alone, which is a nice little bonus from the worries you can tick off your list while venturing out with your kids. Nice to see that there was a café too, the adults are able to get their coffee fix! SCORE 5/5


We first arrived to be greeted by a lovely gentleman who was talking away to my kids. He told me the prices of entry which I then proceeded to pay. I enquired with the gentleman at the front desk about birthday parties; he was very helpful and told me all the information I needed with regards to prices, the amount of children you can have and that the price also includes food, and he even presented my kids with a balloon! Throughout our stay, the kids were very excited to hear music going on towards the little stage they have on the other side of the venue. They had a dancing competition going on, so everyone got involved - unfortunately for parents it was that dreaded shark song! But the kids enjoyed it so that’s all that matters, and they even handed out prizes at the end which was lovely of them to do! There was also a face painting station, which was a definite hit with the kids - whether this was just a half term activity or all year round I am unsure, but it was a nice little touch. It was lovely to see the staff get so involved with the kids, dancing, playing, and just being silly with them.  SCORE 5/5


Now, anyone with kids will know there comes a time when they start moaning about being hungry, and you just have to accept that you’re going to be eating out. It was lovely to see there was a bit of variety for everyone, especially if you have fussy kids. From a lunchtime box for the children - which includes a sandwich, crisps or fruit, chocolate bar and a drink - to a cooked meal, there is something to please all. SCORE 4/5


The value of Partyman World of Play is average. It cost me £15 for both me and my two kids to enter, and then another £20 for us to eat with drinks. But saying that, it was worth it; we spent a good few hours here. SCORE 4/5

Overall it was a good day
out with the kiddies: they were absolutely exhausted by the time we left. I was very happy with the entertainment within the venue. I have tried other similar places before, however I found my 2 year old struggled to get about without help, he in particular loved it here because it gave him more freedom and he was able to follow his brother everywhere.
— Overall Score 4.4/5