Feeling Unfit & Gaining Weight? Here's What You Need To Do

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The most common reasons for feeling unfit and gaining a few pounds are; 

  • It’s my age

  • My back hurts

  • I don’t know what I’m doing

To combat all of these, I’m going to give you a few simple tips which will help you whether you’re;

  • Male or female

  • 18 or 80

  • A gym buff or a couch potato

All of these will help you improve quality of life now and for years to come, not to mention you’ll look pretty good too! 

1.  Eat right (80% of the time)

Why not 100%, you ask? The answer lies with the realistic chance of success. If you were to go on a “diet” then you would probably fail at some point. If you allow some flexibility, then you will not only stick to the plan, but you will also reclaim some sanity from the endless diet pills and every other placebo out there. 

2.  Lift some weights

Now, I don’t mean start throwing a bar overhead: I mean simply move some weights around. Don’t feel as though you need to join a gym: many of my 1-1 clients don’t even have a gym membership! All you need is your body, a few household pieces and some imagination.

3.  Do some cardio

You don’t need to go crazy and run a marathon - just get walking and move more. This is often overlooked; people have become a little obsessed with getting “abs”, yet they forget that the key to their health and indeed those “abs”, is their heart.  

4. Be consistent… & enjoy it!

I have seen many PTs use the approach of lifting excessive weight and training very, very hard every single day. The truth is for most of us, this will only last so long. Do something you enjoy and you will look forward to exercising regularly. Look at anyone who is past the age of 40 who is in great shape - more often than not, they don’t train throwing weights around or screaming as they lift some dumbbells! They may lift weights once or twice a week, but they’ll swim, run, walk or dance, and they’ll stay CONSISTENT because they enjoy it. 

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