Changing Seasons

Well there is absolutely no way of getting away from it: we are deep into autumn and on our way to winter! 

So now we have to think about a change of clothing; gone are the light linen jackets which are now replaced by wool. If you still want to wear your lighter cotton jackets, then wear a crew or V-neck Marino wool jumper underneath in a darker colour, which will immediately give you a more autumnal look. 

There are some strange rules in fashion, and one is that you can occasionally wear summer clothes in the winter, if darkened down with a darker jumper or cardigan…but winter clothes can never be worn in the summer, as seeing a Shetland wool jacket being worn in August is just not on!

So, continue wearing your cotton chinos, but perhaps think about darkening down the colours in the winter months. You can still wear your sky blue shirts, but with a darker jumper in navy blue, bottle green or even a darker autumnal orange! Maybe this colour is only for the Italians…

Next month, we look forward to Christmas and all those wonderful winter outfits.

StyleAntonio Bellini