A Load of Rubbish!

ipswich rubbish problem

Apart from potholes, bins are the next issue that local Councillors have numerous complaints about.  Most households have 3 bins: black for residual waste, blue for recycling and brown for green and food waste.  This all seems relatively simple - but oh no, it has taken years to educate some residents as to what goes into which bins, and still it doesn’t happen! 

We have had presentations at Area Committees, distribution of numerous leaflets and even labels stuck on the bins saying what can and can’t go in there. There is always surprise and frustration from residents when one of their bins hasn’t been emptied, and Councillors are left to explain why.

I live in a flat and don’t have a brown bin because there is no garden! I feel that the many of us living in flats subsidise those living in properties with gardens.  Neighbouring authorities charge residents £50 per annum for a brown bin and that strikes me as being much fairer to those of us living in apartments. In Ipswich, this is added to our Council Tax; a hidden cost.

Locally, each bin is emptied fortnightly.  Sometimes the black bin becomes unhygienic and residents ring to say the bin has become infested with maggots.  There are companies that go around and clean bins once they’ve been emptied - if you can afford it, I would say this is money well spent. 

Here in the town centre, lots of businesses put out their rubbish at the end of the working day in black bags, often containing their staff’s leftover lunches.  Within a minute, the seagulls are down - pulling open the bags and spreading the rubbish all along the streets – horrible!  Some authorities have invested in gull proof bags, but I am told they are expensive and have to be reused.  I would say: please let’s invest – why would you not, when what we see here in the middle of the town is very off putting?

So, the question most residents ask is ‘why can’t the black bins be emptied weekly, especially during the summer and during the Christmas period?’ Of course, it is cost, but the Council could always look at outsourcing this service which neighbouring authorities have done quite successfully.

Could I end by saying…please recycle as much as you can; we are all very aware of the cost to the environment if we fail to do so.

CommunityLiz Harsant