The Salthouse | First Impressions

Tasked with visiting the Salthouse Harbour to undertake a ‘first impressions’ review for the Hotel’s feature this month, I was looking forward to stepping inside the building for my very first time. First impressions is always key, if that doesn’t go well then you’ve had it! 

salthouse harbour hotel ipswich

When I first walked into the Salthouse, the atmosphere felt very relaxed, everyone just enjoying their peaceful afternoon. People being very friendly and that’s not just the staff, everyone enjoying their coffee or their meetings still taking the time to smile or even say hello. A lovely warm welcome on reception, where little did I know it was actually the manager greeting me. Even before introducing myself he was lovely, asking how my day was, wondering how I was. 

As I looked around and listened into conversations it was lovely to hear laughter and jokes. This just goes to show the comfort people feel when lunching. No matter who you are, you cannot deny watching the world go by is just one of the best things to do, watching everything that goes on and basically being nosey. This is what I did on this particular afternoon; watching how the Salthouse Hotel runs, and seeing everything going so smoothly. Customers coming in and out, and being remembered by their names. This is a big plus, showing that the team aren’t just wanting to run a hotel and make money, they care about their customers. 

Elegant but not over the top, the décor fits perfectly for the vibe this business brings to the Waterfront. Not only that, let’s talk about the view they have. Pretty lucky to be able to stay in such a beautiful place and wake up to a view overlooking the water. On a lovely day also, what a bonus! 

Let’s move onto the fantastic smell coming out of the kitchen. As soon as you walk in it just hits you and you instantly remember you have not eaten all day! 

So, as someone who will now be working closely with the Salthouse team moving forwards, I look forward to keeping readers up to date with goings on in the Waterfront’s lively, but calm boutique hotel.