Winerack | An Update

As the newest member of the Waterfront Life team, this was my first up close & personal look at the Waterfront’s biggest talking point.

We have all been watching it unfold, the Winerack has caught many people’s attention since 2009 when the original plan stalled. Last month, I was invited to an open evening with RG Carter to be able to see the progress of the new building work and for many questions and queries to be answered. 

One of the first and regularly asked questions, “is it always going to be known as the Winerack?” As previously reported by us……the answer was (and for clarification) “it would be odd calling it anything else wouldn’t it!?”  

The main feature of the building?  Not only its plush new apartments but also the car parking facilities which will start being put into place this month. Described as “a vending machine for cars”, there will be an automated car stacking system which will have 3 turntables and lifts; there is space for 265 cars. There will be access to a waiting room, which will allow you to see every movement of your car on a TV. The plan is, that from the moment you leave your apartment, the process will take 2 minutes to deliver your vehicle to the ground floor. Technology is incredible isn’t it?   

Personally, I look forward to seeing the progress from the empty shell we have been looking at for all these years to the standards that were being set out at my inaugural visit.